3 Meditation Effects on Brain Activity & Why You Need It

By Ming Moore May 11, 2020

In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we want to beg off even just a couple of minutes to disconnect. Little do we know that this break could actually do wonders and keep us grounded - steady for whatever’s next for us.

Meditation dates back in 5,000 BC, yet it can still play an active role in being more than just a stress reliever on a busy day. One kind of meditation - mindfulness meditation - charges you by staying “at the moment,” paying attention to your breathing, body, and sensations.

These 3 meditation effects on brain processes can bring you back in the zone when you hit a slump:

1. It reduces anxiety levels.

Being anxious is one reason we can’t function properly. When we do mindfulness meditation, it helps us connect with our reality instead of our brains fast-forwarding to things that are yet to happen. This attentional focus through meditation calms the neural impulses going into overdrive when anxiety kicks in. 

2. It improves focus and memory.

Studies show that regular meditations make your attentive mechanisms more effective. On the side, this deeper focus leads to better memory. What’s amazing is that these effects have been proven to last even years later, provided that meditation stays as your lifestyle staple.

3. It makes the brain more complex.

You know how the brain has “folds,” right? These folds actually represent the level of neural complexity it has. A 2012 UCLA study found out that regular mindfulness meditation increases the brain folds that relate to attention and memory. So when you practice meditation daily, you are more likely to process information faster than those who don’t. How’s that for pausing!

Ready to hop on some meditation exercises to give your brain a much-needed boost?

Supercharge your mindfulness practice with this mindset activation meditation to guide you and ease your way into being in touch with your inner self. This comes with a mindset activation MP3, mindset activation journaling prompts, and energy-raising mantras.

Let us know how it improved how your brain works!

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