3 Steps for Consistent Daily Meditation

By Ming Moore June 18, 2020

The pursuit of growth, healing, purpose, and transformation is a commitment. Just like food for your body, this inner calling is a response to a higher power that pulls you into your next level - and meditation is a crucial part of the package.
It’s not always easy to get in the mood of quiet mindfulness. The distractions and worries of life get the best of your energy, and though the will is there, the power sometimes proves inefficient to do your routine.
When there are days when you don’t feel like it, here are reminders to power you through your daily meditation practice.
1. Be purposeful and intentional about it.

If you’re just showing up to your meditation for the sake of doing it, your drive comes from nothing. Instead, think about the whats and whys behind the activity. Why did you even get into meditation in the first place? If your ‘no’ outweighs the purpose behind meditation, a heart check is in order.

2. Discipline your mind by disciplining your body.

Whatever you manifest on the outside is most likely a spill-over from the inside. If your mind can’t get into its daily meditation rhythm, try to condition your body to get into it. Support your practice by becoming conscious of your physical actions. Be mindful of your lifestyle and see to it that your physical discipline mirrors your spiritual intentions.

3. Accept and let it go.

Do not punish yourself if you are not motivated enough to stay consistent in your daily meditation practice. Learn how to accept down days as they are, what they mean for your meditation routine, and surrender to its course. Troubling yourself for skipping a day or two will only cause you to veer from the commitment all the more.

It takes a strong mindset to develop this everyday healthy habit - and this Mindset Activation Meditation can help you in your pursuit of consistency in your journey. Plus, remove blockages that hinder your growth with this FREE Protection Meditation and recommit to self-love. Let us know how this worked for you!


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