Being Strange is Awesome

By Ming Moore April 16, 2020

I grew up thinking that nobody believes in me.⠀

I've always experienced really "strange" things & I don't openly share them because it isn't "normal" at all.⠀

I would see things.⠀

Feel things.⠀

Question things.⠀

Understand things.⠀

Control things.⠀

Hide things.⠀

(More on that in my upcoming posts)⠀

I thought perhaps if I acted normal, I wouldn't be an outcast. So every day, I would immerse myself with my favorite movie, Alice in Wonderland.

She said: "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense" and that's exactly how I felt. It was my escape from being alone, for keeping the magical things inside because no one would ever understand.⠀

But it created some very erratic behaviors and my parents had to take me to a psychiatrist to check if I needed medication. I became "normal" after that, I stopped seeing things, I focused on Church, I focused on being normal, until I started questioning my existence again when I was an adult. It was all buried down in the hopes of being "normal", but the gifts and talents that were given to me couldn't come out until I really immersed myself in the metaphysics.⠀

I am obsessed with spiritual practices (because I have an addictive personality, whatever I focus on expands because I take the action steps), studied more about epigenetics, neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics, and philosophy. I started speaking in another language that the soul understands (light language). I started becoming more grateful, happy, and at peace with my life.⠀

I always thought I was the strange one until I started sharing who I really am. Without a filter. Just me, my life journey, my fuckups, and my lessons.

I always thought I was the strange one until someone sent me a message, who I've never talked to in my life, from a different part of the world, saying how much they resonated with my posts and how it helped them create balance in their lives. And I am so grateful for that.⠀

That is why I do hope that this can be an example, that if you are ready to share your message and your truth, just know that a lot of people will not resonate with you, a lot of the people you have known in your life (when you had your mask on) would think you're becoming crazy, you are becoming "different", but it's now time to be this whole new updated version of yourself.

Share what you know. Share what you've experienced. We're all part of this amazing planet and it's our call to help each other heal and become the best versions of ourselves. Love you my Soul fam 🙏🏻💖

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