Everyone is invited to ascend to a higher version of yourself...

By Ming Moore April 02, 2020

I remember this as if it was yesterday.⠀

I was single again after a few years of an unstable relationship.⠀

I just started a new business because my former business partner and I decided to part ways, and I wanted to figure out how to keep doing what I do- and start over by learning everything about Affiliate Marketing and Mobile Marketing. I was up learning and implementing, and I was always up late nights.⠀

My boyfriend then was not happy about it. I didn't wanna go out on a date. I didn't wanna have sex. I was too focused on doing what I have to do in order to put all the working pieces together so I don't have to do all the heavy lifting and focus my time on being an actual entrepreneur--- closing business, speaking my truth, investing my money, donating my money, and creating leadership teams that care about each other (because we are all humans and we crave connection, and they are helping me build my Company, and in turn, I'm helping them build their lives).⠀

Around 7 am when I was done with work (I worked late nights because my clients are all in the U.S.), I remember him coming downstairs to our bedroom while I was about to go to bed, and we started arguing.⠀

He even told me to just get "a normal job" because I was being overly ambitious. I scoffed! Lol, I AM ambitious because I KNOW that my wealth will benefit humanity and the environment! So while he was talking, my mind shut down. My heart shut down. I literally didn't give a f*ck. And I felt myself saying the words... "I don't wanna do this anymore. I can't be with you anymore, not like this."⠀

I was ready to soar HIGH without the b*llsh*t of someone telling me exactly what to do and how to live MY OWN life. It was MY life to live, and I will live it however I f^ck*ng please! 😌⠀

I packed my bags a week later and left to go to this beautiful amazing island in the Philippines, Boracay Island. 🏝⠀

It's so beautiful there that I started to come often. White sand, clear waters, lots of adventures, amazing sunsets, and amazing people.⠀

While I was swimming in the ocean by myself, contemplating, and staring at the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen (at that time) I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Of freedom. Of always being grounded, connected, and in love with my own life. It was such an amazing feeling to live fearlessly.

Have you ever felt that amazing feeling before?

Everyone on the group right now "30 Days of Self Discovery" is on their path to being the best versions of themselves in this lifetime... Through healing and action. 🙌

Everyone is invited to ascend to a higher version of yourself.

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