I did the dumbest things I could possibly think of...

By Ming Moore March 05, 2020

I used to think I have to give up certain things or have certain things in order to be "spiritual". Because I lived in the spiritual island of Koh Phangan, I was surrounded by people who thought of things the same way.

So I did the dumbest things I could possibly think of:

👉 throw Rolex in the ocean

👉 Give away all my perfume collection cuz it was "full of chemicals" even though I really liked the smell

👉 Give away my luxury belongings because "I'm too spiritual to have this materialistic shit"

👉 Only eat 100% organic products (which was quite impossible sometimes so I would just starve myself lol)

👉 Detach me from money

👉 Do spiritual practices every single day even though I don't feel like it

👉 Just lay down all day and meditate and do yoga

👉 Tell people shit and tell them that the guidance came from their angels and spirit guides even though they didn't wanna hear it (yeah... the channel is STILL my human body in its limited perspective LOL)

👉 I have to avoid negativity and balance my chakras in a daily basis because "darkness is fucked up and I am fighting darkness" LMAOOOO

But then I started losing grip of my so-called 3D life (my human experience) and lost balance. I wasn't working as much as I should, and I was making spirituality an excuse to be lazy, justifying its ok to be that way.

Then I slowly started seeing the bullshit of it all. And then I realized... who made rules on spirituality? (Literally nobody). And then I realized that being a spiritual human being means navigating life and playing this game of life the way I WANT to live it. To experience it the way I WANT it. Whatever others think of me is THEIR problem, whatever problems they're having is theirs to solve, a puzzle in their game to solve, and it's not mine to fix.

It is embracing my humanity and accepting both darkness and light within me, and using that as a learning tool to grow in my own game of life. It's about balancing every aspect of myself the way I see fit, without feeling guilty that "I am not doing it right".

Living my experience and sharing it is a way for me to let people gain their own perspectives through mine, but it's not my responsibility to heal them or change them.

And because of that--- I grow. I am at peace. I am happy. I am grateful. It's like a light switch was turned on and I finally figured out why I'm here--- to live my experience and share it.

And if people grow from my experiences and they use it for their growth, then cool. If not, that's cool too! We're all here to explore.

It is a never-ending exploration of our humanity. And I think that's the best thing LIFE has to offer.

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