I didn't wanna write about it but why the hell not?

By Ming Moore February 02, 2020

This week was super bizarre.

I didn't wanna Content: about it but why the hell not lol

Back to back I was seeing myself in a dream trying to be murdered (every single day lol) by people I don't know, being in this same house the whole week (I have never ever seen this house in this reality but for some reason, in my dreams, I know each and every single corner of that house with that secret bedroom with a library) and me waking up confused about WTF just happened.

But here's the thing! Every day I feel more and more energetic. More open. More truthful to MYSELF (which is the most important part of this life journey). It's as if the "murder" was a representation of my old self "dying" and transitioning into a more powerful version of myself. This week I've been feeling A LOT of activations. And my right side of my head is vibrating at a non-stop phase 😂

So now I have a message for you.

Today is 02 02 2020, a palindrome date that will happen again in 1000 years (03 03 3030). This gateway is SUCH a powerful time to use your feminine energy to let out your creative flow, PLAN for what it is you want to achieve, and do rituals you've been wanting to do (like writing, singing, dancing, etc). This is a time to examine yourself and truly see what you need to see in order to change your vibration (your energy) and how you perceive the world, everything around you, and most importantly, how you perceive yourself.

What kind of reality do you want to experience? Imagine what you want to achieve in this lifetime already happened. Think about how this makes you feel.

How does it make you feel?

Are you happy?


In awe of life and in gratitude for the things you've had to go through in order to be that future version of yourself?

Forgive and let go of all the hurt and guilt towards yourself and others that are keeping you trapped in a negative state of being, let it all go and release it outside of you!

Say what you really feel. Be raw. Be open.

After all, this is all just a game, and we're playing this to gain life experience. YOU choose how you want to live it. Nothing is outside of you. Your own kingdom of fulfillment is within.

Right now everyone is collectively experiencing different healing processes. How are you feeling this week and what are the things you realized that'll help you from this day forward?

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