Know What to heal and Do Something About it

By Ming Moore October 13, 2018

Your ability to heal comes from knowing that you will heal, and actually doing something about it. ☝️ —

My whole Saturday was on “reset mode” and I literally felt like I was dying from the accumulation of junk in my body. I might look fit as fuck, but I admittedly eat junk food just like the rest of y’all human beings lol (bubble tea, chips, ice cream, unhealthy carbs 😵) and I know (I fucking know!) that every single time I eat shit, there will be ONE day of pure consequence, a day that will make me feel like I’m going to die, (no joke). —

In this “death day”, I literally puke whatever I put in my mouth (even water) and have a really intense migraine. I would then get really annoyed at myself for letting it happen AGAIN, and I would throw a fit like a fucking child lol —

So today was the day that I told myself that my WILLPOWER is stronger than whatever yummy junk food comes my way. Fuck when they say “YOLO! You only eat junk food sometimes...” because those sometimes accumulate in my body and I am literally killing my vessel. This shit’s gotta stop. ☠️⛔️ —

I also reminded myself that I can HEAL myself, in fact, I consider myself as one of the most powerful healers that I know, and I told myself that feeling sorry and feeling bad is NOT gonna help me heal. It took me one full day to realize I can do something about it, it was evening time when I told myself “alright Ming, time to do some energy healing”

So I sat in my bed, migraine and all, and I turned on some healing frequencies (174Hz and 528Hz), did some symbols, and started tapping into my energy points. It took me an hour and after that session, my headache was gone.

And I was hungry as fuck. So I told Jim to get me some salad, something light just to fill my appetite. I stopped throwing up. My migraine went away. And I am writing this at 1:30 in the morning, fully awake and energetic from the session I just did. —

So for YOU reading this message, you have the ability to heal yourself.

Are you aware of how much junk food you eat and how it affects your body?

You might not feel it now, but trust me, you will eventually. How are you going to change your health habits?

What are you going to do TODAY to get one step closer to your fitness goal? 🔥👏

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