The secret to true love is?

By Ming Moore March 18, 2020

The secret to TRUE LOVE is to love yourself first.⠀

When I was unhappy with how I felt on the inside in different areas of my life (mindset, health, emotion, relationship, spiritual, wealth, contribution and purpose), I would REACT to situations instead of seeing the situation as an opportunity to grow.⠀

I didn't do what I love, I was stuck on a never-ending loop and I made the same mistakes over and over again. I consistently lied to myself (even though I was completely unaware that I was actually lying to myself).⠀

I was unhappy in most areas of my life. Most importantly, I wasn't happy when I looked at myself in front of the mirror.⠀

My lack of personal happiness and fulfillment led to me getting into relationships that I thought was true love, but I didn't know myself enough to even love somebody else. How can you give love to others if you have none to give to yourself?⠀

This is where attachment comes in. You start clinging on to this idea that perhaps, somehow, someone is going to save you from yourself. Somehow, someone will just accept you for your flaws because "that's just who you are."⠀

But that's not how it works.⠀

You can change in an instant.⠀

You have the POWER to live your best life knowing you have balance in all areas of your life.⠀

However, you have to go through the painful process of self-reflection and self-discovery to create the necessary action steps for your life. When you put your energy into DOING (as you should, as a human being), you gain not just knowledge but understanding and wisdom regarding your life journey.⠀⠀

Fall in love with yourself, so you can give love to others fully.⠀

And because I've learned all of this through life experience, it is my responsibility to share it.⠀

Those who are READY to receive guidance from their soul WILL resonate with my messages. I am simply a bridge, a messenger.⠀

I can't take aligned action for you, only YOU can. And I am grateful to be a part of this journey with you.

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