This is for YOU

By Ming Moore September 27, 2018

This is for YOU who has skills, abilities, knowledge, and wisdom that the world needs right at this very moment but is afraid to speak your truth.

I used to believe in my limitations.

I used to believe I’m not beautiful enough, so I had to wear makeup all the time before I put the camera on me (that took me an hour to do each time 😩).

I used to believe that I need to wear expensive clothes and have a shit ton of high heels (I had more than 50) and that I shouldn’t ever EVER wear clothes that I already wore for my videos because other influencers/ entrepreneurs have new stuff all the time.

I used to believe that it was important to have a huge amount of following first before I spread my message because THEN they would listen.
I used to believe I’m not confident enough, that people wouldn’t listen to me because I’m “crazy”, “weird”, or “eccentric”, and whatever else I label myself as.

So it took me a while to just fucking do it because I BELIEVED in my limitations. I fucking boxed my bright eternal light and I felt like I was a porcelain doll that’s slowly cracking and falling apart.

I looked at myself in the mirror and started having a conversation with my Higher Self.

“Ming, I understand.

I understand how the ego wants to protect you. To keep you safe. And you need to let this go. You need to let go of all your fears and worries. Its a disservice to humanity when you are not being who you are, because everyone is wearing a mask and you need to show them that its fucking OKAY to be authentically who they are and let them grow in what journey they choose to focus on.

If you make a difference in just ONE person’s life on a daily basis, you are doing a great fucking job. And that’s just by being yourself and sharing your truth, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and love. These are all vitally important in the awakening process of each individual’s soul. When one awakens and shares their truth, it creates a ripple effect.”

After this conversation, a shift happened. 

I started recording myself again, without makeup (i seriously don’t own any except for a small eyeliner lol), not caring about what clothes I wear (I live on an island... I wear almost nothing every single day and I love it), not caring about what other people will think because people who are not on my frequency will just fall away...

And that’s completely ok. Not everyone wants to do deep work. Not everyone wants to balance all aspects of themselves. Not everyone is as open-minded and believes in the magic of the Universe. The messages are not for them, it is for those who resonate and share my truth.

Connect with your Being.

Share your truth.

You feel SO HEAVY because you are too full of truth. Open your mouth more, speak your mind. Let the truth exist somewhere other than inside your body!!! In this photo: Kaboom (my Russian kitty cat) who reminds me of Yin Yang... there’s always a duality.

Dark and light, resistance and acceptance, love and fear... It is our choice to focus on one or the other. 🙏🏻

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