This is What you Came Here to Do

By Ming Moore June 10, 2020

I still remembered that exact moment in time like it was only yesterday. When everything froze and time suddenly didn't matter.⠀

I was out with friends that night and we were all pretty drunk. We were having so much fun that night that I didn't know the next few hours would turn into a complete nightmare.⠀

My friend and I had a long meaningful conversation that evening about life.⠀

I went back to my other friends' place where I'll be staying in for the night (i used to bounce around from house to house but that story is for another time), I was about to go take a shower when another friend of ours called. "He got shot."⠀

We ran to the emergency room and I saw him laying down there. 8 shots from head to toe. He was bleeding everywhere. I didn't think he was gonna make it. Apparently, when our night was over, someone (wearing a mask) got down from a pick-up truck, started shooting him, and left.⠀

I looked at him while he was rolling his eyes, trying his best to regain consciousness. He rolled his eyes and his head turned to me. He and I locked eyes as he started closing his eyes. He was gone.⠀

My heart sank.⠀

I didn't know what to do, I was in shock. I felt like I was gonna puke. I didn't cry, I just stared at him wondering if what happened was real or if it was a dream. And when the hell I'm going to wake up.⠀

Next thing I remember, I was at the police station being questioned because I was with him before he got shot. It was stressful, to say the least. I was tired, I was hungry, I was hungover, and I was in a lot of mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. I went home and took a shower, and I remembered that image of him looking at me before he crossed over. I started to cry. It haunted me for another year before I fully let that experience heal.⠀

The police never figured out who did it. But they mentioned he was involved in a drug ring. I didn't know. I only knew him from the surface.⠀

Sometimes we think we know people, but they are actually hiding a lot of things not just from other people they love, but to themselves as well. That experience is a reminder for me that life is not to be taken for granted and to help others heal from their pain without judgment.

Sometimes life ends unexpectedly.

Sometimes we get shocked by events that we thought would only happen in movies, but it happened right in front of you.

But life doesn't stop for anybody. And the best thing you can do with yours--- is to actually LIVE it the best way you can. This is what you came here to do.

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