triggers are your teachers...

By Ming Moore April 08, 2020

Triggers are your teachers.⠀

Today while standing in the heat waiting in line with hundreds of people at the immigration office to get my visa sorted out, I was feeling REALLY uncomfortable.⠀

Not because everyone was wearing a mask and felt people's fears over the coronavirus situation, but because I only slept for 3 hours, I didn't have any caffeine to wake me up, it was HOT as hell, and I'm feeling hangry. Lol⠀

I also forgot my phone at home, and I didn't bring a book, and I didn't know it was going to take ALL day (and night!)⠀

I live on an island in Thailand, and the whole country is on lockdown. There are many tourists stuck on the island who needed to fix their visas, and thankfully the immigration is working overtime to get this situation sorted out.⠀

So here's what happened.⠀

I snapped at this Thai lady because she didn't understand what I was saying to her about the visa situation. Because I noticed I was being mean, I walked away. (this trigger taught me patience and understanding)⠀

This couple was smoking cigarettes in front of me and it was totally uncool since there was a child in front of us. (I'm grateful for not snapping at them cuz they are super nice). (This trigger taught me not to judge others for their lifestyle choices).⠀

In between triggering experiences, I breathe and just let it pass without feeling so guilty about it (I used to beat myself up for being such an ***h*le when I'm being moody, and it's a really HEAVY feeling in my chest).⠀

I let myself see them for what they are because I know it's just my old outdated programming in my brain that needs to change (every single day I keep evolving).⠀

We're allowed to be humans. I'm not perfect either, which is why I shared this with you.⠀

When we react rather than observe, we perpetuate more negative emotions. So instead of reacting... observe yourself. Observe your patterns. And let it go.⠀

Has anything triggered you lately? What did your triggers teach you?

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