What is death trying to teach us?

By Ming Moore January 27, 2020

What is death trying to teach us?

There are so many that left this plane of existence, and a lot are in FEAR for their lives.

But why would we choose to live in fear?

Death is simply trying to teach us one thing...

That this lifetime you chose to be in should not be taken for granted.

Life is eternal, but this life isn't. The Ming that you see right now, will eventually die.

It is inevitable.

This human body is going to be just a material that will be thrown out and recycled by nature.

So what are you gonna do to make the best out of this existence?

Heal. All the past pain and traumas you have, learn to face it, understand it, learn from it, forgive it, and accept it.

Love. Make time for those who love you, tell them you love them, tell them how grateful you are for having them, and give time to those who are in need. Be it a cause you believe in or simply helping a soul in their journey.

Have a purpose. Don't just let life pass you by, do things because you feel it burning in your soul and you want to experience this feeling of doing something bigger than yourself.

Take care of yourself.

You are here on this planet because you were given a physical body. This is your avatar in this game of life. You need to give your body some love. Nourish it right.

Stretch. Move. Breathe. Sleep. Meditate. Calm your mind. Calm your body. Relax.

Sometimes we get so caught up in all the tiny things we're doing (although we all think its the greatest things) that we forget to feel grateful that we are alive, with a physical body, with the energy you can feel through closing your eyes and feeling your heartbeat.

You are alive. That's a gift. Give that to the world.

You are unique in your own way, you have experiences and perspectives that no one else has. You've got a way of seeing the world that makes others curious and sets a foundation for change in their lives. Share that.

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